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The Evolution Of Exhibition Signage Frames: Why REXframe Is The Future

Updated: Apr 5

Trade show and exhibition frame systems have evolved significantly over time, reflecting changes in technology, design, and the demands of exhibitors and event attendees. The emphasis on modular design, sustainability, technology integration, and visual appeal has made them essential tools for creating impactful and engaging trade show experiences.

What is signage in exhibitions?

Signage in exhibitions refers to the use of visual graphics and displays to communicate information, guide attendees, and represent brands or products within an exhibition space. This can include banners, posters, digital screens, directional signs, and branded display stands. Effective signage serves multiple purposes: it attracts visitor attention, conveys key messages, navigates traffic flow, and enhances the overall aesthetic of the exhibition. In addition to its functional roles, signage is a critical element in exhibition design, offering opportunities for creative expression and brand differentiation. Through strategic placement and design, signage can significantly impact visitor engagement and the success of an exhibition stand.

So, how did we get to where we are today, and where do we go from here? Let’s take a look at the journey of exhibition signage frames and how REXframe is changing the game.

How It’s Made

Materials And Modularity

Exhibition frames were often constructed from heavy materials such as wood and metal making setup and teardown time-consuming and labour-intensive. Today, lightweight materials like aluminium and composite are commonly used, making frame systems more portable and easier to assemble.

Modern exhibition frame systems are also designed with modularity in mind. This means that exhibitors can easily reconfigure their booth layouts, adapting to different show spaces and branding needs. The versatility of these systems allows for a range of booth sizes and designs, reducing the need for completely new setups for every event.

Tech And Lighting

Modern exhibition frame systems have seen remarkable technological advances and are the future of exhibitions. Digital printing has revolutionised the application of graphics, offering high-resolution, full-colour visuals on fabric panels or rigid substrates, enabling more visually appealing and brand-effective booth designs. Lighting, particularly energy-efficient LED lighting, has become an essential element, enhancing the overall visual impact of graphics and the booth's ambience.

Moreover, these frame systems have evolved to seamlessly integrate with multimedia presentations, interactive displays, and digital devices, ensuring they can accommodate the diverse technological needs of today's trade show attendees.

How easy is it to set up a REXframe display?

REXframe is designed for simplicity, making setup a breeze. Most displays can be assembled in minutes without the need for special tools or extensive training, thanks to its intuitive design and simple lock-and-pin system. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to minimise setup times at events.

The REXframe Difference

REXframe is a flexible and user-friendly solution that opens up various possibilities. It's designed for easy assembly and offers a range of profiles, making it adaptable to your unique space requirements. The combination of lightweight aluminium frames and fabric prints provides endless creative potential.

The shift towards sustainability has influenced the design of our exhibition frame systems. Our systems are designed to be reused, reducing waste and environmental impact. Modular systems are often easier to repurpose or recycle, further supporting sustainability efforts.

Whether you're thinking of a stand-alone display, a distinctive wall-mounted setup, or something as imaginative as lightboxes or archways, REXframe empowers your creative vision. What truly stands out is its simplicity; it's accessible to almost anyone, requiring only a lock and key for assembly, with no specialised expertise needed.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this journey of exhibition frame systems and the future that is REXframe. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can bring your vision to life.



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