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Exhibition & Tradeshow

Need a solution? Let REXframe help!

Lightbox Solutions

Exhibition &

Stand out with REXframe


REXframe is a fantastic solution for exhibitions and tradeshows. With REXframe, you can create impressive exhibition stands, banners for events, lightbox displays, entranceways, media walls, rooms, booths, and more!
Over the years the REXframe system has been used for thousands of exhibitions and exhibitions across the globe. Just a few of these include Reed Gift Fair, Oz Comic Con and ATO.  



Brighten up your event with REXframe Lightboxes.

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REXframe lightboxes use low voltage LED lighting to create captivating and impressive displays. The LED lighting provides bright, long-life lighting with low power consumption. Here at REXframe we are passionate about our commitment to sustainability, and look for opportunities to create solutions which have as little negative impact on the environment as possible.   
The 24 volt LED modules simply clip into frame and are easily removed when dismantling!

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Media and Events

Create an event to remember with REXframe.


Create stunning displays with REXframe which are sure to impress. REXframe is well suited to events of all kinds, whether it be a media wall for a film premiere, a lightbox for a main display, an entranceway, a sound-proof room, a transparent screen… there is a solution for every problem.

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Retail and Hospitality

REXframe is perfect for retail and hospitality environments


Retail and hospitality is an area in which REXframe thrives. Whether for a shop window display, directional and promotional signage, partitioning spaces, or more, attract customers to your store with one of our vibrant and innovative signage solutions!

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Outdoor Solutions

Create impressive outdoor displays which can withstand the elements


REXframe is extremely sturdy and durable, making it an effective solution for outdoor events. With the building capability of up to 5 metres high with no seams, you can build large and impressive outdoor displays.

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Rigged and

Our frame systems are extremely versatile and are able to be rigged or suspended! 


Our frame systems are extremely versatile and are able to be rigged or suspended! 

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REXwall is a simple way to create booths and partitions and more, specifically catered to your needs. Specifically aimed at the end user, REXwall is exclusively designed to suit fabric finished with a silicon edge gasket (SEG). 


The functionality of our REXwall range is second to none. All pieces can be ‘modularized’, and used time and time again in any environment. REXwall is ideal for exhibition booths, hanging shapes, large free-standing structures, cubes, lightboxes, and much more, REXwall allows you to push the boundaries like never before. Shelving, windows, doors, TV supports and lighting can be added, making REXframe the most versatile on the market. 

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Offering “more bang for your buck”, the D’Lite options make it easier than ever before to create a high impact space at a fraction of the cost!

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Free standing, suspended and wall mounted, the D’Lite range provides a lighter, more cost-efficient option. The D’lite range is perfect for media walls, stage backdrops, petitioning rooms, directional or promotional signage, and more. 

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Media and Events
Reatil and Hospitality
Outdoor Solutions
Rigged and Suspended
REXwall Range
D'lite Range

Here at REXframe innovation is at the heart of our products. 

You can create almost anything whether it free-standing, rigged, wall-mounted, curved, angled, lightboxes, archways, doorways, lockable doors, office petitions, TV surrounds, booths, rooms, exhibition stands, theatre/stage backdrops, greenscreens, ticketing stations, media walls, translucent screens, window signage, retail branding, rollouts, and more. 

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