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Introducing REXframe, a revolutionary frame system of adaptability. With the greatest configurability yet, REXframe is a system created for professionals across a wide range of industries.

A frame with
Limitless potential

The REXframe system: genius, adaptable, affordable, and user-friendly.  REXframe can be assembled with ease, is available in an extensive range of profiles, and can be custom designed to maximise the use of your space. 

The REXframe components:
lightweight aluminium frames paired with fabric prints. 

With REXframe, the building opportunities are truly endless.

You can create almost anything whether its free-standing, rigged, wall-mounted, curved, angled, lightboxes, archways, doorways, lockable doors, office petitions, TV surrounds, booths, rooms, exhibition stands, theatre/stage backdrops, greenscreens, ticketing stations, media walls, translucent screens, window signage, retail branding, rollouts, and more. 

Say hello to the REXframe range,
a frame system that puts you in control...

How can REXframe help you achieve your next big project?

Simply genius.

The REXwall range was designed for the exhibition market as a way to create impressive booths and partitions. However, the capabilities of REXframe reach far beyond this.

Whether intended for retail, commercial, sporting or other industries, REXframe provides a solution for every problem. The building possibilities are endless, with the boundaries being set by your own imagination. 

Step 3.JPG

The REX factor.

A simple lock and key is all that is needed to create a space within minutes, and REXframe profiles can be assembled in just a few quick and easy steps. So simple, yet so effective. 

The adaptability of REXframe is second to none. All REXframe profiles can be custom designed to maximise the use of your space and achieve an outstanding finished product - no matter the environment!

All REXframe profiles are shipped unassembled resulting in no bulky packaging and lower costs for freight. 

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