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Sustainability In The Event Display Industry

Sustainability Event Displays

Event displays are used to make a statement, grab attention, and deliver messages. That said, a hefty environmental toll often accompanies traditional avenues for achieving these goals. With high energy consumption, material waste, and single-use apparatus, the impact the events industry can have on the environment is immense.


The industry has been exploring sustainable alternatives to these issues, ranging from the reduced use of fossil fuels and synthetic chemicals to preventing direct environmental destruction. It's important that we recognise the reality of these issues and inspire the ripple of positive change.

Sustainability - The REXframe Way

We are passionate about the health of our planet and ensure that our practices evolve with the needs of the environment. Here are a few ways we are shrinking our carbon footprint:

Aluminium Framing

An eminently recyclable material, aluminium framing is one of our most prominent sustainable efforts. It creates a sturdy, durable structure for event displays, and to sweeten the pot even further, it also generates off-cut materials that can be recycled and significantly decrease aluminium wastage.

Low-Voltage Lighting

Energy consumption is a major concern across many industries, and especially in the event display industry. Traditionally, lighting can be power-hungry, guzzling fossil fuels and spiking greenhouse gas emissions. Low-voltage lighting in our lightbox systems lets us shine bright without draining resources, and while saving electricity and reducing the overall environmental impact.


Communicating The Benefits To Potential Buyers

As a reseller, it's essential to communicate the environmental benefits of REXframe's sustainable practices to potential buyers. Here are some key points to highlight:

Eco-Friendly Materials

While the recyclability of our aluminium framing is indispensable, it's also highly durable and versatile, applicable to any and every event display.

Energy Efficiency

Showcase the benefits of low voltage lighting, which saves electricity and reduces the carbon footprint of events. Buyers will appreciate the cost savings and the positive environmental impact.

Commitment To Sustainability

Ensure they understand our passion for sustainability and our continuous efforts to innovate and improve. Our dedication to reduce waste and conserve energy will resonate with environmentally conscious clients.

Future-Proof Solutions

Our practices are forward-driven and align with the desire for a healthier planet. Buyers are conscious of their actions and the impact of their choices on the planet and will appreciate an effective and responsible product.

Brand Reputation

Choosing REXframe is investing in high-quality event displays and prioritising the planet. This can enhance your client’s brand reputation as a supporter of sustainable practices.


The event display industry has a significant role to play in building a sustainable future and reducing unnecessary waste. With innovative practices and a passion for the planet, REXframe is leading the way in creating event displays that are as kind to the Earth as they are eye-catching. Get in touch with the REXframe team to discuss sustainable options for your next event display.




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