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Maximising Profits With Rexframe: A Reseller's Guide To Navigating The Modular Display Market

Updated: May 14

Resellers in the display market are presented with a prime opportunity to meet the growing demand for sustainable and versatile solutions as events and exhibitions grow and evolve. The industry requires innovative solutions, a frame system that not only harnesses the power of creativity but also pushes the boundaries of what's possible in the modular display market.

What is a modular display?

A modular display is a flexible and customisable exhibition stand or system composed of interchangeable components. These components can be easily assembled, disassembled, and reconfigured to create a variety of booth sizes and layouts to fit different event spaces and design requirements. Modular displays are designed for repeated use, making them a cost-effective and sustainable choice for businesses participating in trade shows, exhibitions, and promotional events. They support a wide range of accessories and can adapt to include shelving, digital screens, and branded graphics, offering a dynamic way to present products and services while maximising visibility.

Embracing Sustainability & Versatility

The modular display market is witnessing a surge in demand, with a specific preference for sustainability and adaptability. Exhibitors and businesses are seeking solutions that not only make a visual impact but also align with eco-conscious practices.


In light of this, REXframe offers resellers an opportunity to cater to this demand with its sustainable and versatile design. As sustainability becomes a focal point for many businesses, REXframe positions itself as a solution that meets the evolving needs of the market.

REXframe Advantages For Resellers

We have devised unique advantages that resonate with resellers and their clients. Our modular display frame system is designed with usability and simplicity in mind, making it accessible to almost anyone. With a simple lock and key mechanism, our frame system can be assembled without the need for professional expertise, or extensive training.


Its versatility shines through, adapting seamlessly to various environments, from conferences and exhibitions to film backdrops and sound-proof booths. Its intelligent and sleek design not only delivers an impressive final product but also does so affordably and efficiently.


What are the benefits of choosing a custom exhibition stand design?

Opting for a custom exhibition stand design offers numerous benefits tailored to meet specific branding, marketing, and engagement objectives. Firstly, it provides unparalleled flexibility and creativity, allowing businesses to showcase their unique identity and products in a way that resonates with their target audience. Custom designs can seamlessly integrate branding elements, messaging, and aesthetics to create a memorable and cohesive brand experience. Additionally, custom exhibition stands can be optimised for functionality and space utilisation, ensuring that every square foot maximises engagement potential and facilitates smooth visitor flow. Moreover, custom designs enable businesses to stay ahead of competitors by showcasing innovation and creativity, ultimately driving higher foot traffic, leads, and ROI at trade shows and events.

Showcasing REXframe’s Brilliance

Working alongside REXframe is a symbiotic relationship where all parties reap the benefits. Leveraging digital channels to showcase REXframe's versatility and ease of use through high-quality visuals and case studies.


Consider collaborations with influencers or industry experts to amplify the reach. Highlight REXframe's unique selling points, emphasising its simplicity, versatility, and sustainability to resonate with businesses looking for innovative display solutions.

Going Beyond Expectations

To enhance customer satisfaction, resellers can provide additional value by offering comprehensive training and support on assembling REXframe displays, providing print and design options, sharing creative ideas on maximising the use of REXframe, and demonstrating its potential across various settings.


Consider bundling services such as graphic design or logistics coordination to offer clients a holistic solution. By going beyond the product, resellers can build strong relationships and foster loyalty.

Embrace The REXframe Opportunity

Opportunities for resellers look exciting within the events and exhibitions industry, with modular displays in the spotlight. REXframe offers an intelligent, adaptable, and cost-effective solution that aligns with the evolving needs of businesses and event organisers.


As the industry advances, resellers leveraging REXframe are not just navigating the modular display market—they are setting new standards for brilliance, simplicity, and environmental responsibility. Get in touch with our team to learn more about becoming a reseller with REXframe.



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