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Maximising Your Exhibition ROI: The Importance Of Choosing The Right Frame System

Updated: Apr 5

When we say every detail counts, we really mean it. Your frame system selection is as important as any other step in the process of exhibiting at an event, as it is the foundation of your setup. Choosing the right frame system for your exhibition is a strategic move that directly impacts your exhibition return on investment (ROI) and brand visibility. So how can you leverage your frame system selection to produce optimal outcomes?


Let's unravel the importance of selecting the perfect frame system for exhibitions, a decision that goes beyond aesthetics to influence your financial and branding success.


What is a good ROI for an event? 

A good ROI (Return on Investment) for an event generally means achieving your specific objectives while staying within budget. In the context of using REXframe for your event, this could include effectively attracting and engaging your audience, enhancing brand visibility, and receiving positive feedback, all achieved with cost-effective and efficient solutions. REXframe's modular and reusable design contributes to a good ROI by reducing the need for new materials for each event, thus saving costs over time while maintaining high-quality, impactful displays.

The Importance Of Frame System Selection

Financial Finesse

Investing in the right frame system is a savvy financial move. Modular, adaptable frame systems not only reduce setup and teardown costs but also allow for easy reconfiguration, ensuring your booth remains relevant for various events. This adaptability translates to longevity, making it a cost-effective choice that keeps giving returns over time.

Brand Brilliance

Your exhibition space is a canvas, and the frame system is the framework that accentuates your brand masterpiece. Opting for a frame system that complements your brand aesthetics elevates your visual identity. Whether sleek and modern or classic and traditional, the right frame enhances your brand's appeal, making it memorable in the minds of attendees.

Versatility In Visual Impact

The right frame system provides a versatile platform for your visual storytelling. From bold graphics to interactive displays, a well-chosen frame system sets the stage for impactful presentations, creating an immersive brand experience that resonates with your audience.

What types of framing systems are available?

REXframe offers a versatile array of modular framing systems designed to cater to a wide range of display and exhibition needs. Systems include:

  • Standard Frames: Ideal for creating straightforward, wall-mounted, or freestanding displays. They're perfect for banners, backdrops, and other promotional materials.

  • Lightbox Frames: These are designed to house LED lighting, providing backlit options for your displays to make graphics pop and attract attention in any setting.

  • Double-sided Frames: Offering visibility from multiple directions, these frames are great for open spaces or as central features in exhibitions and trade shows.

  • Custom Shapes: REXframe's technology allows for frames to be custom-bent into various shapes, enabling unique and eye-catching designs beyond traditional rectangles.

  • Suspended Frames: Designed to be hung from ceilings, these frames are perfect for making use of overhead space and creating impactful visual displays above.

  • Outdoor Solutions: These frames are engineered to withstand external elements, providing durable options for outdoor events, festivals, and promotional activities.

REXframe's systems are renowned for their ease of assembly, versatility, and the ability to reuse and reconfigure for different events, making them a sustainable choice for businesses looking for dynamic and engaging display solutions.

REXframe Benefits: An Honourable Mention

October 2021 saw the making of a massive KFC bucket for the NRL Grand Final in Sydney Australia, courtesy of the REXframe team.


Standing at an impressive 20ft high with a 10ft radius, this free-standing REXframe piece was a complicated build, crafted by using two differently sized cylindrical shapes placed on top of each other to create the full effect of a KFC bucket of chicken. To create this piece, we utilised the RX-105, RX-127, and RX-130 REXframe profiles. (No chickens were harmed in the process!)


The good news is that the KFC bucket, created in October 2021, is used each consecutive year, so not only good for the environment but also the budget. 


Your frame system selection should extend beyond structural considerations. It is a strategic investment in your exhibition ROI and brand identity. There is no limit to what you can create with REXframe. Our frame systems allow for you to bring your vision to life and reap the exhibition ROI rewards. Take a look at what we do and find out how we can help you.



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