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Wall Mount Lightbox D’LiTe

The REXframe D’LiTe Range is specifically designed for the US market to meet demand for high volume retail rollouts. D’LiTe is compatible with selected REXframe accessories.

RX-120 Wall Mount Lightbox uses low voltage LED lighting and create a beautiful, eye catching effect at any event, exhibition or retail environment.

The LED lighting provides bright, even illumination with long life and low power consumption. The 24 volt LED modules easily clip into the frame and are effortlessly removed during dismantling.

Metric / Imperial Specification


3.93" (w) x 1.1"(h)



15.63 oz per linear foot




100mm (w) x 28mm(h)

1.45 kg per linear metre

Key Features

Illuminated using high powered 24 volt LED modules.
Can be suspended or freestanding using clip on feet.
Can be suspended or freestanding using clip on feet.
Can be curved.

Available in

Lengths of 10 foot

Wall Mount Lightbox D’LiTe

Instructional Video


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